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Conduct Exam is a robust online exam software which offers impeccable assessment solutions through which Institutes, Companies, Universities and other organizations can conduct examinations with ease. 

The Mobile App is available with our online exam software (web based version) and is also available for lifetime basis. Users can take test in online mode or can download the test and then take in offline mode. The test and results will be synchronized with the web version. 


As an Administrator:

1. Easy to enter/import various types of questions as per different topics

2. Randomized questions, shuffling of questions and options available in test

3. Detailed graphical reports to analyze the performance of students

4. Sell test online and share news/notes/documents in pdf, word and excel formats

5. Create sub admins and assign different roles and responsibilities

As a User:

1. Identify questions that take most/least time

2. Instant result after submitting the test

3. Detailed reports are available for proper Test Analysis

4. Know the performance skill level by comparing with toppers

5. Download the notes and solutions provided

Why Choose Us?

• Completely secured platform

• Easy to Create, Share and Analyze the test

• Assign Date & Time in test and limit it’s availability

• Result is generated automatically after completion of test

• Support third party integrations and large number of Concurrent Users

• Synchronization of test on Web and Mobile/Tablet hosted on Cloud Servers

• Customization available as per requirement

• Flexible pricing i.e. pay as you go

• Support multiple languages

• 24/7 support


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