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Child Safety Good & Bad Touch


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Sun Apr 2017
Wed Apr 2017
safe touch unsafe touch safe touch app safety tips for kids child safety game


In today's time, it is very important for the parents to educate their children about good touches and bad touches, but sometimes they are not able to explain about safety touches. For that reason, we bring this educational game to help kids learn about this sensitive topic. In the first view, kids will have the knowledge about various human body parts, in the second view they will learn, which parts of the body are private and we should never touch anyone's private parts. Then kids will get the knowledge about the difference between safe touches and unsafe touches. And then, kids will get to know about the safety circle and which people are included in this circle by playing an interesting game. And at the end kids will learn about what steps should be taken if the unsafe touch occurs.


- Get the complete knowledge about safe and unsafe touches
- Learn various body parts names
- Get the knowledge about safe circle
- Best educational game
- Brief explanation with decent designs
- Learn what steps should be taken if you feel unsafe

Play and Enjoy this New Concept of Gameiva games and please share it with your friends & family members.

Child Safety Good & Bad Touch

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