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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs are from old platform and has not been updated yet ! We will update them soon as per our new dashboard.

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No. You can create ONLY ONE account.
Yes, you may ask for refund for added funds (/bank.php) in your account balance, but refunds are possible only if requested within 24 hours from the time of adding funds.
Note: Refunds will not possible, if you have used your added funds from your account balance.

Refund of the orders / campaigns / services is also not possible, if the user has received the desired output of orders / campaigns / services since the time of making the orders / campaigns / services.

For partial orders / campaigns / services, we will give refund in your account balance.

We may give refund for special cases. You can contact support and ask for refund after giving proper explanation with solid reasons. We will give you refund only if we found your reasons valid.

Refunds are not possible if user has created multiple accounts for the purpose of referring themselves or receiving free trial earnings multiple times.

Important: Please do not dispute PayPal directly without contacting support. First, contact support, if you have any problem. You may get smooth refunds from the support team.

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