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Navigation Maps & Traffic Alerts Offline

Navigation Maps & Traffic Alerts Offline app with route finder driving a handheld GPS is a specialized search engine a google maps app along navigation map used to find an optimal route finder and a travelling between two or more given locations google navigation GPS is a perfect route finder app sometimes using navigation work or GPS navigation for more than one transport mode. Maps Route Finder & Navigation perform is a route finder GPS race route finder app perform searches optimized on different criteria, for example, fastest, shortest, least changes and cheapest. Get this GPS app a GPS directions teller with optimized GPS devices to navigate its user all over the trip. A car GPS with GPS tracker track out your current location and navigation you towards your desire place navigation to home navigation to Walmart or any other place get this aa route finder navigation acts app. Open a navigation bar put your drop off location where you wish to visit with GPS satellite app will make out a complete route from your current location to that mention location provide you GPS test routes with minimum traffic jam with the help of GPS watch and leads you towards your drop off location with shortest less traffic jam routes.
Navigation Maps & Traffic Alerts Offline a driving directions app a navigation key primary focuses on the process of monitoring and controlling the movement of a craft or vehicle from one place to another a route finder app that finds a route towards an unknown place from all over the world. Navigation key on screen with route finder driving in GPS offline includes four general categories: land navigation, marine navigation, aeronautic navigation, and space navigation.
Navigation Maps & Traffic Alerts Offline aa route planner is the best director app provide a fair estimate towards any location with mention leave or arrive at a certain time to avoid certain waypoints. Get this best road trip planner car direct app and explore any place with its MapQuest route planner feature. With driving route planner to get a free driving directions plan a single journey with several modes of transport include bikes, cars or any mode of transport app know all about public transport services as well as transport networks for private transportation with all of the journey map that leads you towards your destination without any hurdle.
Navigation Maps & Traffic Alerts Offline with embedded maps:
• Destinator
• Street and trips map
• Navigon
• Navman
• Magellan
• MapQuest
• iGO
• Metro trip planner
• Route 66
• World Navigator
GPS route finder a navigation apps free to make a clear distinction between trip planner and journey planner from route planner where route planning is typically using private modes of transportation such as driving, bus trip, walking, or cycling, normally using a single mode at a time. Trip or Journey planning by making use of at least one public transport mode which operates according to published schedules. Trip planner map with navigation google place guide built an algorithm that not only find a path to a destination but seeks to optimize it so as to minimize the waiting time a perfect road trip planner route map with route planner multi-stop. Speed cam Spain free built-in feature in this trip planner app that monitors your vehicle speed and gives you alerts about your vehicle speed. You can control your vehicle speed with its speedometer feature get this amazing lifesaver travel route trip planner a travel planner plot a route for you at any time from any place.
 GPS Route Finder Location sharing
 Bike map easy route finder
 Satellite view
 Google location locate
 Shortest route
 Pedestrian map
 GPS Voice Route Finder Destination and Directions
 GPS Bike Route Tracker & Map for Cycling
 3D street view
 Panoramic view
 GPS Route Finder Live Earth Maps Navigation
 GPS Route finder & Navigation with Live Maps
 Map city
 Free truck navigation

Developer: appsmumtaz
Created: Sat, 22 Sep 2018
Updated: Wed, 31 Dec 1969
Rating: 4.4 (177)
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2018-09-19T09:37:22+00:00 <![CDATA[Voice Search For Talk]]> Voice Search For Talk
Voice Search For Talk

Voice Search Talk Assistant is a voice search app that allows you to search anything on your mobile with your voice. Everything is away from you just by your voice. A voice search assistant will amazingly scene out your voice and perform a task according to your voice command. With voice search get access to the bulk of apps within seconds. Voice to search feature of this Voice Search Ultimate Assistant will turn your handheld device into voice search device that truly responds to your voice command and perform exactly what you ask to do. Raise up your voice and get voice search google ,voice search youtube and any browser gets access to chrome voice search with your voice. Perform like Hound voice search and assistant an amazing voice recognizer with adorable voice senses sensors.
Get this voice assistant for android a voice assistant place your device closer to mouth press the voice search button and speak up like you speak in google microphone about anything you want to get form bulk of data. Voice assistant app performing actions according to your voice command. It performs exactly voice assistant google an ultimate assistant recognizes your voice and search accordingly a gooegle assistant. Get this multitasking google search with google speaker and google voice sense and find it all in your voice. Okay google say ok google search are the voice command of this app open talk press voice search button and get all.
Voice Search Ultimate Assistant the best voice assistant with voice search engine having voice recognize sensor that perfectly recognizes your voice and perform actions accordingly. Without focusing on anything else voice search has a primary focus on its user's voice and then make multiple efforts to take out desire thing which user ask to get.
Voice Search Ultimate Assistant Features:
 Multilingual Voice Search
 Voice Search for All Google
 Music Search by Voice
 Super Voice Search Free
 Voice search assistant
 Hound voice search & mobile assistant
 Goiogle assistant voice search
 Voice Search Engine Browser
 Voice Search Smart voice recognize
 Fast and Smart Search
 Smart Voice Assistant

Get this Voice Search Ultimate Assistant a voice control for anything a personal assistant that perform according to your voice. With voice, search history maintains a clear history of your voice searches. Voice search statistic will manage your history and analyses the voice search accordingly brings out the results according to your command. A productivity communication tool with voice search bar on top to speak whatever you speak it will be written down by voice keyboard that built up a connection between you and your device. Voice search for google assistant by speaking to it a shortcut access to anything on your mobile.

Developer: appsmumtaz
Created: Wed, 19 Sep 2018
Updated: Wed, 31 Dec 1969
Rating: 3.3 (34)
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2018-09-18T02:13:15+00:00 <![CDATA[Dad Hacks- Amazing Life Hacks]]> Dad Hacks- Amazing Life Hacks
Dad Hacks- Amazing Life Hacks

Dad Hacks- Amazing Life Hacks is cool collection more than 1000 offline life hacks with daily/everyday hack of the day features
Technology hacks
Food and Drinks Hacks
Website hacks
Health and fitness hacks
Money Saver
Life tips
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Developer: Sakar Aryal
Created: Mon, 17 Sep 2018
Updated: Wed, 31 Dec 1969
Rating: 4 (4)
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Sakar Aryal
2018-09-15T07:13:44+00:00 <![CDATA[Who Is Thief & Killer Mystery Riddles]]> Who Is Thief & Killer Mystery Riddles
Who Is Thief & Killer Mystery Riddles

Do you wanted to be a detective and solve impossible cases??? Then this game is made for you. It's full of tricky riddles which will make your mind go crazy. Prove yourself a genius by taking part in this unique contest. In this game, you will be a contestant of the famous contest "Who Is Thief & Killer Mystery Riddles". You need to crack so many riddles to win the contest. Killer and Thief mysteries will definitely be going to trick your mind. So what are you waiting for? Install this game and test your IQ by solving multiple riddles. Don't forget to share it with your friends and family.

Key Features:

- Watch every riddle carefully and crack the case
- Select the right answer from multiple choice

- Get a chance to prove yourself genius

- Win the title of the contest
40+ mystery riddles to twist your mind

- Solve all the riddles and be an ultimate detective

Developer: GameiCreate
Created: Sat, 15 Sep 2018
Updated: Wed, 31 Dec 1969
Rating: 4 (9)
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2018-09-14T05:45:16+00:00 <![CDATA[My Cafe Shop - Cooking & Restaurant Chef Game]]> My Cafe Shop - Cooking & Restaurant Chef Game
My Cafe Shop - Cooking & Restaurant Chef Game

Hey Cooking Lovers!! We have come up with an awesome cooking game with an emotional story of Annie. This cafe shop game contains a variety of dishes to match with the customers' taste. In this cooking shop game, you need to handle a number of customers by serving them required food dish. Don't forget, a ticking clock and some waiting customers will be there on every level of this game. To spice up your cooking management game, we have given you multiple power-ups to handle your down times. So, install and play this addictive cooking game with lots of fun & excitement.

Get multiple gameplay experiences in a single game like a coffee shop, pizza shop, barbecue shop...

Key Features:


Handle so many customers at your food truck

- Use number of awesome power up to excite your gameplay

- Complete daily challenge and earn rewards

- Get unexpected daily rewards

- Various delicious recipes to serve the customers

- A certain goal has to be achieved to complete the level

- Upgrade your tools to perform faster

About GameiCreate

GameiCreate brings you the latest creations of most loved categories of games and apps which are all hugely loved by a family. We are entirely devoted to building user-friendly games related to fun and learning for better educational familiarities and enjoyment for a family. Stay with us for the latest updates of GameiCreate on Google play and get more of educational games.

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We will be glad about your response. Contact us anytime for any questions and suggestions at

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Created: Thu, 13 Sep 2018
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2018-09-13T12:23:27+00:00 <![CDATA[Tattoo Dash : Artistic Designs Shop Simulator Game]]> Tattoo Dash : Artistic Designs Shop Simulator Game
Tattoo Dash : Artistic Designs Shop Simulator Game

Hey Tattoo Lovers!! Here's one of the best game for a tattoo artist or a tattoo lover. Do play this cool game and run your own tattoo shop by drawing stylish tattoos. This tattoo shop game includes a perfect gameplay for you. Different artistic tattoo designs will be there in your shop. So many customers will come to your workshop to have an amazing tattoo on their body part. Enhance your tattoo shop by serving a number of customers. So what are you waiting for guys? Install this game and enjoy its addictive gameplay. Don't forget to share it with your friends & family.

Key Features:

Serve different customers make more coins

- So many categories for customer's tattoo choice

- Ultimate designs of tattoos will mesmerize you

- Outstanding designs of the tattoo will definitely make more coins for you

- 18 different body parts to draw the perfect tattoo

- Attractive colors and tools to draw a fantastic tattoo

- Make your tattoo shop popular in the customers

Developer: GameiCreate
Created: Thu, 13 Sep 2018
Updated: Wed, 31 Dec 1969
Rating: 5 (2)
Views: 19

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2018-09-13T09:02:45+00:00 <![CDATA[Arcade Portal]]> Arcade Portal
Arcade Portal

We're a community app that enables our members to chat with other gamers about game strategy, news, game releases, and other arcade discussions.

In addition to discussing games, our members can listen to game podcasts, play games, receive updates, and more - all for free!

Our arcade categories include strategy, sports, action, and  more!

Developer: Anthony Matto
Created: Thu, 13 Sep 2018
Updated: Wed, 31 Dec 1969
Rating: 5 (16)
Views: 21

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Anthony Matto
2018-09-13T08:04:42+00:00 <![CDATA[DIY Home Improvements]]> DIY Home Improvements
DIY Home Improvements

Here at DIY Home Improvements we have got together to design and bring you an app like no other. We have taken in many different confusing and mind numbing jobs to assist you in building up the confidence for doing it all yourself!

We have a section where you can submit your very own DIY tip; feel like its something we should add, send it through to our team at DIY HOME IMPROVEMENTS and we'll be happy to go over your information and who knows, we may even add it to our app.

Developer: Anthony Matto
Created: Thu, 13 Sep 2018
Updated: Wed, 31 Dec 1969
Rating: 4.6 (25)
Views: 28

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Anthony Matto
2018-09-08T10:04:36+00:00 <![CDATA[2048 Solitaire Card Game]]> 2048 Solitaire Card Game
2048 Solitaire Card Game

About Game
An intriguing mix of classic Solitaire game and 2048 puzzle.
Pull cards and drop them on the Solitaire stack.
The cards of the same value will sum by that card number.
You can also use the discard card too.

How to Play ?
You start with 2 numbered cards in your hand.
Like in 2048 you goal is to merge cards to get number 2048.
You do it by dragging cards from your pile to the board, if you put 2 cards with the same value they will merge and add up into a new number.
Wild card can merge with any number.
Also, if you have a card in your hand that you don't want to play you can discard up to 2 cards per game.

Who can play ?
Anybody can play this game.No age limit to play game.

Game Features
Realistic graphics and ambient sound.
Realistic stunning and amazing animations.
Real-time particles & effects
Smooth and simple controls.
User friendly interface and interactive graphics.

Important Point
Make combos with same value card.
Try to build the chain of numbers in descending order starting from the bigger number.
If you have a card that might ruin your setup better discard it straight away.
You can see the next card you will need to play, so plan ahead.

It offers hours of fun so you’ll never be bored.
You decide how you want to pace it and because games are quick and easy to follow, there is no need to worry about losing game progress.
The game is small and does not take up much space or data on your phone.
It’s a single player game which means you can constantly challenge yourself to a better score.
It’s not too easy, so you won’t get bored quickly. But at the same time, 2048 is not so difficult that a pro mathematician is the only one who could have success.
It teaches you to estimate, think quickly and strategize by planning your next moves and considering how it will affect the board and which combination of movements will have the desired outcome.
It’s so easy to share with your friends and they’ll love you for doing so.

Developer: TechArts Games
Created: Sat, 08 Sep 2018
Updated: Wed, 31 Dec 1969
Rating: 5 (21)
Views: 7

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TechArts Games
2018-09-07T18:58:34+00:00 <![CDATA[Apps Giveaway - apps promo codes - paid apps free]]> Apps Giveaway - apps promo codes - paid apps free
Apps Giveaway - apps promo codes - paid apps free

Apps giveaway offers paid apps sales, apps promo codes and free apps deals.
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Developer: Neelam Bhanushali
Created: Fri, 07 Sep 2018
Updated: Wed, 31 Dec 1969
Rating: 4.3 (458)
Views: 13

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Neelam Bhanushali
2018-09-06T10:18:46+00:00 <![CDATA[Zombie Island]]> Zombie Island
Zombie Island

Fight beween you and zombie with bloody weapons.

Smooth, intuitive controls allow you to navigate with ease. Precision aiming will help Efficient Controls and an easy game play.

The undead return in this new, jam-packed release with exciting, brainless creatures, weapons, puzzles, moody environments all wrapped up in a slick, player-friendly package.

With the one bullet kill the zombies as more as you can. Play more levels to kill brainless stupid zombies.

Change your frustrated mood by killing brainless zombies.

It’s shooting time! zombie island game will let you shoot zombies on zombie island. It’s time to be a assassin and shoot zombie in this sniper shooting game. The game is filled with action, hunting & shooting. Those who love to be a deadly hunter will love to kill zombies in this thrilling game. You will feel thrill while playing this horror game.

The aim of the game is to kill all stupid zombie with minimum bullets and be a ferocious zombie hunter. Once you begin to kill zombies, you will be unaware of the passage of time!

Want to test your memory skills or give your brain an exercise? Try this fun puzzle game to improve your memory, speed, get better accuracy and much more. This is a fun logical game that gives a good test to your brain. Think a moment to solve this puzzle of kill all the zombie with minimum bullets.

if you are a lover of killing games or shooting games then here we are with awesome fps shooting game. Zombie Island does not require you to be always online in order to have fun. You can enjoy it offline in the subway, while flying on a (real) plane, in the car on the road.

Zombie Island features
- Challenging missions to become a real zombie killer.
- Smooth game play & friendly GUI.
- 10 different missions each with 10 another levels.
- Real 3d models of zombie as you see in zombie movies.
- Sound on and off option in setting
- Ultra realistic 3D graphics and cool animations
- Hundreds of thrilling missions

Feel free to contact Drifttech Game for any query at

Developer: Drifttech games
Created: Thu, 06 Sep 2018
Updated: Wed, 31 Dec 1969
Rating: 4.8 (38)
Views: 15

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Drifttech games
2018-09-06T08:23:38+00:00 <![CDATA[GPS Voice Driving Direction & Navigate Waypoints]]> GPS Voice Driving Direction & Navigate Waypoints
GPS Voice Driving Direction & Navigate Waypoints

Want to visit your friends and family place but don’t know the location? GPS Voice Driving Direction & Navigate Waypoints app is here to take you anywhere you want in the world at anytime you want.
GPS Voice Driving Direction & Navigate Waypoints navigates you and shows you the route from your current location to your desired location on the map. GPS Voice Driving Direction & Navigate Waypoints displays the alternative possible routes and from the multiple options available users can select the route that suits them most according to travelling time and distance in kilometres. Navigation with voice directions offline enables the users you select the route of their choice according to the estimated time of arrival and kilometres. The driving route finder helps users to find the route with minimum ETA so that they can reach in minimum time.
This best GPS navigation system for car helps in turn by turn navigation guided by voice instructions to keep the cars on right track. In case you miss any turn then it will reroute you towards a new route to make you reach your desired place without any hassle. Navigation Voice GPS & Tracker also gives you live real time traffic information so that you can travel on the route that has minimum traffic so you can travel without any hassle and avoid traffic jams. Voice maps offline drive & street view navigation shows you nearby places around you like hospitals, pharmacies, grocery stores, schools, universities, shopping malls, banks, atms, mosque, church, airport, railway stations & metro stations. By selecting from the suggested nearby places, the navigator will start directing you towards your destination.
It works offline without internet so you can travel anywhere anytime and travel the world. View ranger textie route directions latitude destination bustracker mapper weezer yol vodio postcode complicated capable roadmap lati voice navigation garmin sygic indispensable walking osm kml open hiking rome forever nav amsterdam point mit directions poi spain kong straat kaartweergave, on the way, driving directions list, voice directions. GPS Route Tracker, Direction Find with Location on Map, Navigator for driving, Location sharing, Voice gps route hunter, Direction compass, 3D building satellite view with Panorama view, Satellite view, Open street view, Google live street view, Offline navigation & tracking gps route maps
• Turn by Turn Navigation: GPS offline maps & navigation provides turn by turn navigation to its users with voice directions so users can travel with ease and accuracy.
• Traffic Alerts: Get most recent and accurate information about traffic present on the roads so that users can avoid hassle traffic jams.
• Shortest Route : Driving Voice Route & Directions Alerts shows the shortest route available with minimum traffic so that users can reach their destination in min ETA.
• Current Location : users can check their current location anytime anywhere they want without internet and it will update you about your current location.
• Street view : Driving Voice Navigation & GPS Route Tracker shows you 3D street view of areas around you.
• Nearby Places : Route Drive Navigation, Maps & Live Traffic Alerts shows you areas around you that you may wish to visit.
• Track Your Route : Track the route on which you are travelling to know the route exactly where are you.
• Rerouting: When you mistakenly miss any turn during travelling Voice GPS Navigation & Maps Tracker will automatically reroute you towards a new route so that you will reach the destination without inconvenience
• Weather Forecast: Weather forecast feature will tell you about weather conditions of the city you are travelling in and will help you in planning your travelling.
• Travel Book : Travel Book will record the travelling history of the user and it was record all the recent places that have been visited by the users.
Plan your trips with GPS Voice Driving Direction & Navigate Waypoints.

Developer: digzar
Created: Thu, 06 Sep 2018
Updated: Wed, 31 Dec 1969
Rating: 5 (4)
Views: 16

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2018-09-04T07:39:37+00:00 <![CDATA[My Cute Ava's Kitty Daycare Activities Fun 2]]> My Cute Ava's Kitty Daycare Activities Fun 2
My Cute Ava's Kitty Daycare Activities Fun 2

Hey Guys! I hope you guys have enjoyed the first part of My Cute Ava's Kitty Day Care Activities & Fun game. You had lots of fun with the kitty in her home. But now, it's time to explore the outside activities in this cute sweet kitty daycare game.

Key Features :

- Perform various farming activities in the farm
- Pot planting of tomatoes and sunflowers
- Enjoy numerous ear-pleasing rhymes with kitty
- Learn by tracing alphabets and numbers
- Have entertainment with kitty in the kids park
- Enjoy kid rides and make a beautiful sand castle
- Take down the mangoes by throwing stones on them
- Shoot apples flying in the air
- Find the list of insects in the garden
- Catch the falling apples from the tree
- Join the small letter with capital letters

Developer: GameiCreate
Created: Tue, 04 Sep 2018
Updated: Wed, 31 Dec 1969
Rating: 4.5 (11)
Views: 12

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2018-08-30T16:01:06+00:00 <![CDATA[Gana Run: Endless Runner Mission]]> Gana Run: Endless Runner Mission
Gana Run: Endless Runner Mission

Your mission is to help the captured agent to run & escape the deadly enemies, crocodiles and monkeys, but be careful as you run through endless obstacles. Your mission is to collect as many coins and hidden letters as you try to outrun the Gana Tribe without being captured. Collect all letters on your way to unlock hidden words.

Gana Run is one of the most thrilling running experiences for Android devices.

Features for Gana Run include:

– Swipe Action to Move left and right & Jump and slide.
– Magical, dangerous bridges and moving vehicles.
– Stunning environment and endless running fun.
– Three Characters to choose from: Agent, Crocodile or Robot.
– Endless running gameplay
– Infinite run mode!
– vacuum backpack will help you collect more coins
– Fun for Any Age.
– Best Running game for android.

If you love this Endless Runner Game then be sure to follow us on facebook at:

Developer: Brickhouse Games
Created: Thu, 30 Aug 2018
Updated: Wed, 31 Dec 1969
Rating: 0 (0)
Views: 30

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Brickhouse Games
2018-08-30T08:09:12+00:00 <![CDATA[Farm Defender Free]]> Farm Defender Free
Farm Defender Free

Prevent UFOs from abducting all your cows by shooting them down in this addictive first person shooter.

Note: If game drifts. Good way to check sensors by Phone Dialing *#0*#

Touching sensors

Developer: Get Used To It
Created: Thu, 30 Aug 2018
Updated: Wed, 31 Dec 1969
Rating: 0 (0)
Views: 47

Download URL:

Get Used To It
2018-08-30T08:08:20+00:00 <![CDATA[Farm Defender]]> Farm Defender
Farm Defender

Prevent UFOs from abducting all your cows by shooting them down in this addictive first person shooter.

Note: If game drifts. Good way to check sensors by Phone Dialing *#0*#

Touching sensors

Developer: Get Used To It
Created: Thu, 30 Aug 2018
Updated: Wed, 31 Dec 1969
Rating: 0 (0)
Views: 49

Download URL:

Get Used To It
2018-08-29T13:05:07+00:00 <![CDATA[Spotlight: Room Escape]]> Spotlight: Room Escape
Spotlight: Room Escape

Are you ready for the thrilling experience with lots of drama and adventures? “Spotlight: Room Escape” is a thrilling app based on the theatrical drama scene. What would you be up to if you have been kidnapped and locked up in a strange room with no clue about how you reached there? You literally have forgotten everything and your only aim is to escape from the room before time runs out. Start your investigations and find the answers to various questions like who kidnapped you, the purpose of your kidnapping and lot more on the process of finding the way out.!

The game “Spotlight: Room Escape” is beautifully designed with mysterious graphics and thrilling sound effects. Every object in the Room is placed with clear logic around it and each scene describes deep meaning.! Observe, Analyze and use your logical skills to escape the mysterious Room.

Get ready for the most adventurous thrilling journey of your life with “Spotlight: Room Escape”. Collect the clues and start building the plan to escape the way out. The game has intuitive gaming controls perfect for players from all age groups. Find out the necessary things hidden in the room like Torch, Rope and lot more to have your Escape plan ready. The game has lots of mysterious levels each designed with unique exit plans. Explore the location carefully and combine various clues to find the way out.!
Check out your detective skills and investigate every scene and objects to find the clues. Put on your logical hat and solve the various number and letter puzzles to open the locks. The clues can be hidden anywhere around you. Solve the riddles and words by investigating the clues found. The game requires complete patience skills and analyzing skills along with the logical thinking to solve the scenes quickly and escape out. The game “Spotlight: Room Escape” is a perfect game for all those who love investigating items around and have awesome analyzing and logical thinking capabilities.

✓ Awesome 3D graphics with mysterious sound effects
✓ Intuitive touch mode gaming controls
✓ Lots of challenging levels
✓ Thrilling scenes and hidden clues
✓ Interesting riddles and puzzles
✓ Exciting ways of investigation to find the escape plan

Download the most addictive detective game “Spotlight: Room Escape” and have the adventurous exciting journey while exploring the locations to find out the escape plan. The game will help you improve your logical thinking and increase the efficiency to solve puzzles. Push out your brain and exercise your mind to solve the challenging puzzles. Complete the levels successfully and unlock the new crime scene in a new room for more thrilling puzzles.!

We are constantly working hard on making the “Spotlight: Room Escape” game better with more advanced and thrilling features. We need your constant support to get going. Please feel free to contribute and email us for any queries/suggestions/problems or if you just want to say hello. We would love to hear from you. If you have enjoyed any feature of the “Spotlight: Room Escape” game, do not forget to rate us on play store and share among your friends.

Developer: Javelin Mobile
Created: Wed, 29 Aug 2018
Updated: Wed, 31 Dec 1969
Rating: 4.5 (169)
Views: 38

Download URL:

Javelin Mobile
2018-08-29T12:30:07+00:00 <![CDATA[Medical Shop Cash Register Hospital Store]]> Medical Shop Cash Register Hospital Store
Medical Shop Cash Register Hospital Store

Hey Guys! We have come up with a medical shop game. So are you ready to handle the drug store? In this game, you need to maintain a medical shop. Give the required medicines to the patients and take the cash from them. There will be a number of medicines for different illnesses and the affected body parts. Give patients the exact prescribed medicine, get more coins by upgrading the medicine's quality and unlock all the medicines. So do play this addictive drugstore game and don't forget to share with your friends and family.

Key Features:

So many different medicines to cure the patients
You need to achieve the target on every level
Daily rewards and daily challenges will be there to surprise you
Number of power-ups to boost up your gameplay experience
Unlock & Upgrade all the medicine to explore more
Achievements will be there to get you engaged

Developer: GameiMake
Created: Wed, 29 Aug 2018
Updated: Wed, 31 Dec 1969
Rating: 0 (0)
Views: 33

Download URL:

2018-08-29T12:09:44+00:00 <![CDATA[Nutritional Informer - Information & Diets]]> Nutritional Informer - Information & Diets
Nutritional Informer - Information & Diets

Nutrition Informer is a nutrition app that provides relevant articles, nutrition diets and nutrition facts. A variety of articles and facts will make you understand a lot about nutrition and will take a huge impact on your future nutrition related choices.

Explore our home feed and nutrition database filled with numerous nutritional articles, nutritional facts, nutritional information and educate yourself to make better life and diet decisions. Use the well-researched articles and publications in our nutrition app as your ultimate nutrition guide for any diet or diet change you need to make.

Sometimes, picking the right diet is doing the half of the job even before starting the diet. Explore our nutrition diets and find the perfect for your current need, taste and goal.
Our nutrition diets are divided into six groups of categories that are: Vegetarian, Athlete, Weight Control, Detox, Crash and Medical diets. Diet plans are published from users once they are approved. And the best thing is that each diet gives you clear overview day by day of what you need to eat, so you can organize in a better way.

We wouldn’t be the perfect nutritional facts app if we didn’t provide you with a body fat calculator. From the dashboard navigate to our bodyfat calculator and calculate your body fat. Knowing your body fat is the first step to picking the right healthy food and starting with the right nutrition diet.

● View a variety of nutrition news articles
● View plenty of nutrition diet plans
● View information regarding nutrition facts
● Calculate your body fat
● Submit a diet plan that you think is a must read for everyone
● Rate a diet plan
● Save diet plans to your favorites

Learn things you did not know before in a fast and entertaining way!
Don’t choose diets you don’t need or you simply can’t finish.
With Nutrition Informer you will get the right nutritional information and nutritional diets so you can have the best results. Let’s lose some weight with healthy food and the right diets!
📲 Just download Nutrition Informer to find and share diet plans.

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Nutrition Informer
2018-08-29T06:22:42+00:00 <![CDATA[My Virtual Barber Shop - Barber Dash]]> My Virtual Barber Shop - Barber Dash
My Virtual Barber Shop - Barber Dash

Hey guys!! Do you want to open up your own barber shop? Then we have brought the best salon game for you. In this barber shop, you need to maintain your own barber shop by managing lots of customers. That's not it, you need to serve the best service to the customer before they become angry and leave. There will be the time limit for you to serve a number of customers and achieve goals. This game is packed with a perfect bunch of tasks to maintain a barber shop with lots of fun. So what are you waiting for? Install and play this addictive virtual barber shop game.

Key Features:

Maintain and upgrade your own barber shop
Perform so many different salon treatments to serve the customers
Upgrade your shop to get more customers and coins
Daily rewards and daily challenges will be there to surprise you
Different power-ups to boost up your gameplay
Numerous tools to operate and serve the customers

Developer: GameiMake
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2018-08-28T18:08:11+00:00 <![CDATA[MOVIEZ]]> MOVIEZ

This application contains a huge database of the latest movies, international serials and movie stars

Developer: i3lamiatBlog
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2018-08-28T13:51:31+00:00 <![CDATA[Darkest Space]]> Darkest Space
Darkest Space

An hard space shooter. You must collect coins, expand your arsenal, avoid asteroids and defeat all enemies waves and bosses.

Developer: Raffaele Amuso
Created: Tue, 28 Aug 2018
Updated: Sun, 12 Aug 2018
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Views: 48

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Raffaele Amuso
2018-08-28T13:50:46+00:00 <![CDATA[Dark Space]]> Dark Space
Dark Space

An hard space shooter. You must collect coins, expand your arsenal, avoid asteroids and defeat all enemies waves and bosses.

Developer: Pentawire
Created: Tue, 28 Aug 2018
Updated: Wed, 31 Dec 1969
Rating: 5 (4)
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2018-08-28T12:42:46+00:00 <![CDATA[Shell Quest]]> Shell Quest
Shell Quest

A Match 3 - Gameplay - Gamechanger. Let The Addictive Clean up Begin!

Experience The Thrill Of The Best Twist In Match 3 Puzzle Game Yet.
Taking This Game Gem To New Levels Of Activeness.

Can You Help Terry The Turtle Collect All The Shells From Over 100's Of Levels.
With New Obstacles And Cartoon Page Every 10 Levels To Amaze And Delight.

Collect rubbish in your net to clean the beaches.
No swiping, no swapping, just pure tapping pleasure.

Highly addictive match 3 game with amazing graphics!

Help Terry The Turtle clean up the worlds beaches from plastic & other wastes.
50% of all profits are donated from you playing this game to help our seas and oceans for real.

Awarded **Advert Light**
We keep adverts to minimum, you will not be bombard by adverts.

Do not miss out on what is sure to be the talking point between all your friends.

Developer: Lark Games
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Lark Games
2018-08-28T11:01:49+00:00 <![CDATA[Mermaid Rescue 4: Rescue Mermaid's Brother]]> Mermaid Rescue 4: Rescue Mermaid's Brother
Mermaid Rescue 4: Rescue Mermaid's Brother

Hey Guys! Mermaid Rescue game series is back with another exciting episode on mermaid adventures. Previously in mermaid rescue, we saw that Prince is on a mission to complete all the conditions to marry the mermaid. Now he's heading to complete the second condition which is to rescue the mermaid's brother. During this journey, Prince got some help from the helping fairy Flora. When he finally reaches to rescue the Mermaid's brother but the magician captured both of them and put them in jail. Will they break out from prison? Will Prince rescue mermaid's brother from Cruel Magician's Kingdom? Get the answers by playing this amazing game and don't forget to share with your friends and family.

Key Features:
- Fix the boat by using different tools
- Drive the boat to the island without any accident
- Get a number of clues and find a way to enter the castle
- Crack the puzzle and reach to the mermaid's brother
- Try different ideas to break out from the jail
- Fight with the magician's men and the with himself
- Give refreshing treatment to the mermaid's brother

Developer: GameiMake
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2018-08-27T08:45:22+00:00 <![CDATA[Auto Add Logo Copyright with Text on Camera Photos]]> Auto Add Logo Copyright with Text on Camera Photos
Auto Add Logo Copyright with Text on Camera Photos

Auto Logo Copyright app is a quick fix solution to auto Add a Copyright Logo on your Photos captured using your Phone’s Built-in camera.

It facilitates you to Watermark your images in two distinct ways.
◇ Image Watermarking - Add Logo to photo
◇ Combined Watermarking- Add Text along with Logo

Get the setup done at once and your desired watermark image is ready to roll out!

👉 How to add Logo to Photos?
1) Just Open the Application
2) Add / Upload Watermark Logo
3) Add a Text (Optional)
4) Adjust Watermark transparency
5) Choose Watermark Logo size ( S - XXL)
And you are fit to go!

The best part is you can custom Signature text in dual variants i.e Line 1 and Line 2 at four different positions around your Watermark Logo.

Turn the toggle On which you wish to add text to, add it with both the line spaces or only with the single one. It is definitely going to make your image look enticing.

Taking your watermark images a level up, it even offers you to custom your signature watermark with varieties of options like
➺ Adjustable Font Size
➺ Changeable Font Colours
➺ Varieties of Font Style
➺ Flexible Font Position

✌ With all the edits and customizations done, In case if you are not sure about how your watermark will look you can “Preview” your stamp before adding it permanently to your pictures.

✨ Why Pick Us ?
✔ Only App to facilitate dual text alignment
✔ Quick and Handy Custom Settings
✔ Auto processes after One-Time Setup
✔ Simple and Elegant User-Interface

✍ Watermark is a kind of image or text on a particular photograph which is used as a part of identification or security of a particular thing. It can be in various forms such as text, logos, images etc which has distinct shades of lightness and darkness

No matter which profession or field you belong to,watermarking your images is the most convenient way to authorize your pictures. As you can easily protect, secure as well as frame up photos elegantly with just few clicks.

👉 Why to Watermark Images?
We've gathered a tiny catalog of uses making up your work as simple as ABC! Have a look below:

➺ To Copyright Protect:
There are numerous ways to get your image copied to reuse and claim to be theirs. In this case adding a copyright watermark to your image will protect your image as well as showcase your identity among everyone.

➺ To Enhance your Brand:
Another major concern of watermarking photos is branding, photos are usually Watermark stamped with company name behind for the purpose of creating their brand awareness among everyone.

➺ To Protect Image Theft:
Anything which goes viral online can easily be stolen and used without your permission. Watermarking your photos in this situation secure your images will be a indirect indication that this photo cannot be used.

➺ To Grab the Credits
Many times photographers just don’t demand financial recognition, but all they need is appreciation and credits for their work. Watermarking their images with their own logo with signature text can grab the credits they wish.

✍ Coming up to the conclusion, all the above features and uses are summed up to give you maximum perks in a single download.

So if you are looking markup your photographs elegantly, there can’t be a better Watermarking Application than Watermark Live.

◇ Download it now to watermark stamp your photos enticingly!

Developer: Auto Stamper
Created: Mon, 27 Aug 2018
Updated: Wed, 31 Dec 1969
Rating: 4.3 (418)
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Auto Stamper
2018-08-27T08:44:30+00:00 <![CDATA[TexFer: Free Text Transfer Between Mobile Desktop]]> TexFer: Free Text Transfer Between Mobile Desktop
TexFer: Free Text Transfer Between Mobile Desktop

✎ Transfer text message from computer to mobile phone or mobile phone to pc within fraction of seconds! TexFer is an all-in-one solution transfer app to share any important information to and fro, be it, text messages, URLs, or any other important information that you encounter in a mobile phone or desktop.

If you want to send that on different devices, mobile desktop, all you need to do is copy or type text, connect TexFer and press send. That’s it! Your text message will be displayed on your preferred platform’s screen straight away.

✨ Perks of Choosing us!

✌ Free to use App
✌ Only App to Swiftly Transfer Text between Different Platforms
✌ Instant Copy, Paste and Share Text or URL

👉 Why and When to Use this application?

✔ Copying Long Text

We’d come across a situation where we wanted copy and transfer large amount of useful information from phone to your personal computer. And even need that text from desktop to your mobile phone! Even you might have faced that too!

This is a hectic task provided that you don’t have TexFer! Sure, you must have tried different hacks of transferring that information, say a URL like images link, any media download link or a YouTube link if your want to check out the video in bigger screen than mobile. Isn’t it?

In such cases of text transfer, if you miss out even a character, that web page will not open. Worry not! With just a few taps get your text on the screen connected with your mobile desktop and PC.

✔ Graphic Designers

Graphic designers are always on a hunt for finding alluring images on web. Going through hundreds of images it becomes very hard to bookmark them! So just TexFer it to your convenient device!

✔ SMS Messages

If you have made subscriptions to any message packages, and want to transfer text message to create something new out of it, you will definitely need TexFer! Marketers can relate to this!

✔ Important message to colleague

Many a times while surfing through mobile or desktop, it might have happened that you come across an important information which you might want to use later or send to your colleagues like Breaking news update, offers or any other information at the very moment.

Now, easily send important messages to your colleagues or friends without any hustle! All you have to do is Type > Connect TexFer > Receive!

👉 Who is it for?

✔ Content Writers/Marketers

Content writers have cluster of text and images to manage. They keep writing irrespective of any platform. Transferring that content and image is a tough job. So now just TexFer it! With just a click get your text or image link anywhere from your mobile to pc or reverse!

✔ Researchers

In tech savvy world we keep surfing on net all the time. From reading news to watching videos we are always online on the web world. Now, you can share your favorite texts across devices also!

◇ Fascinating Features and Functionality of TexFer!

➺ Simple to Use App
➺ Rich User Interface
➺ Immediate Text Transfer Mobile and Desktop Application
➺ Multi-Platform Support
➺ Pin your Preferred Text to Favorites Tab
➺ Option to Edit & Share Text Free
➺ Unlimited Text Transfer

✍ How to use this app?

Open “TexFer”
Click on “Connect With PC”
Note down the URL displayed on application home screen.
Type that URL on your PC’s browser.
Wait till the Connection is Successful
Note: PC and Mobile Phone Should be Connected to a Same Network
That’s it! Now you can start sharing text between two platform.

You can even add your selected text to favorites tab in order to effortlessly find your preferred important information later from the bunch. Following these simple steps you can instantly get TexFer woking!

TexFer is a rare application on Google Play Store that facilitates to seamlessly transfer text from your handset to pc and vice versa!

So, without a further due, download this application now and start TexFer your content irrespective of the platform!

Developer: EbizzApps
Created: Mon, 27 Aug 2018
Updated: Wed, 31 Dec 1969
Rating: 4.9 (15)
Views: 39

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2018-08-27T08:42:40+00:00 <![CDATA[Logext: Add Logo Watermark and Text Sign to Photos]]> Logext: Add Logo Watermark and Text Sign to Photos
Logext: Add Logo Watermark and Text Sign to Photos

Logext (Logo & Text) is a free-to-use “LOGO, TEXT and STICKERS” Editing Application which Watermarks your Photographs with

◇ Classy Texts and Words Phrases
◇ Copyright Logo
◇ Trademark Stickers
◇ Fun Emojis

You can click instant photographs from the application or import from your pre-captured gallery pics with ease. It will recreate your images stunningly within a fraction of seconds!

➺ Moreover, you can even adjust the Picture Aspect Ratio as per your wish and requirement.

A simple text to add? Absolutely Not! With Text Adding features you can create beautiful customized typography on your photographs with various stylish arrangements. Have a look below:


✌ Changeable Font Color
Varieties of Color options to choose from

✌ Text Bold
Highlight important words with Bold feature

✌ Text Italic
Give an italic look to make it more attractive

✌ Text Underlined
Underline Text by giving your text photograph different look

✌ Flexible Text Alignment
You can easily place the text in different areas of your image

✌ Dozens of Font Options
Many stylish font formats to choose as per your image look

Not just adding a simple logo to photo, with Logext you can even frame up your photo with huge various fancy ingredients too. Have look below:


✌ Add your own Watermark Logo
Easily import and add your Brand Logo as Watermark

✌ Emoji Stickers
Add emoji to photo to create different emotions on it

✌ Copyright Logo
Varieties of styles to add copyright watermark to photo for security reasons

✌ Birthday Stickers
Add birthday stickers to photos and wish your loved one’s

The above mentioned features are simple to use and quite enough to get your photographs transformed within a fraction of seconds.

🎁 Why to Opt for Logext?
➺ Free to Download App
➺ User Friendly Interface
➺ Works Offline
➺ No loss of image quality
➺ Import Pictures or Click Instantly

A well spaced images with few texts on it communicates and looks well. Isn’t it? And there are heck lot of thing a simple text and few decorative elements can do to your photograph. Hence, we’ve got few listed out for you!

★ Best use of Logext:
✔ Write on Photos
✔ Create your own Quotes
✔ Put emojis on picture
✔ Create promotional photos
✔ Add Logo to photos
✔ Add Copyright to photo
✔ Decorate images with Stickers
✔ Create birthday images
✔ Add watermark to your photos
✔ Create pictures for social sharing
✔ Add captions to photos
✔ Make Monograms
✔ Add Birthday Stickers to Photos
✔ Increase Brand Awareness
✔ Name Tagging on Photos
✔ Build attractive posters
✔ Create digital badge

Looking for more quick and easy ways to use it? We’ve even got them for you!

⌚ How to use Logext ?

1) Get the Application installed ➺ Open it up
2) On home screen, you will get a blank space
3) Add Image on it ➺ Import from Gallery or Click instantly

➺ Now, here’s where framing up your photographs starts, you will get three options on your lower screen.
Text | Logo | Ratio

➺ Put Text on Image ➺ Change the Font Style ➺ Choose desired color ➺ Adjust the Alignment

You’re fit to go with the text!

➺ Tap Logo toggle ➺ Choose your desired one from
emoji stickers | Default Logo/ Import Logo | Birthday Stickers

Place and Modify them according to your wish and your work is done !

✌ Select your image ratio size at the end. Bingo! Your image is created beautifully to rise and shine.

➺ Zoom out your fingers to increase the size of your text and logo and zoom in to reduce it.

Now, Say goodbye to all your boring pictures as Logext is summed up all the astonishing features to frame up your photographs with cluster of text, varieties of logos and decorative stickers to it.

✨So What are you waiting for? Download it now!

Developer: Auto Stamper
Created: Mon, 27 Aug 2018
Updated: Wed, 31 Dec 1969
Rating: 3.8 (34)
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Auto Stamper
2018-08-24T12:05:09+00:00 <![CDATA[Fitness Village - The Game]]> Fitness Village - The Game
Fitness Village - The Game

Welcome to Fitness Village! Jump to the world of fitness where you can train at home, on the move and compete with other players in global ranks! Claim your crown as the Master of Fitness Village!

Train your character in the series of mini-games with addictive gameplay or switch to GO-mode to complete the challenges that await you outdoors and collect your prizes!!

Mobile phone, tablet, Sports Watch or Activity Tracker - Let your sensors track your movement and gain rewards in the game! All you need is a Google Fit in your phone! As you develop yourself, so does your in-game character! Every step counts - Get rewarded and stay motivated from everyday activity!

Unlock new amazing power-ups, epic clothing and items as your character develops!

Join the tournaments and climb in the global ranks as you challenge the other players in various Leagues!


- Play at home or switch to GO-mode and go out!
- Minigames with addictive gameplay!
- Allow your sensors track your movements - Get rewards from all the movement you do!
- Compete against other players in tournament mode and clinch the top spot!
- Customize your character & home and unlock new items as you develop your character!
- Head to the gym and get points & rewards from training with Life Fitness equipment!

Fitness Village currently supports data coming from Google Fit, Polar, Life Fitness & FitBit devices

Please note that Fitness Village contains in-app purchases and you must be 13 years or older in order to download and play Fitness Village. See more from our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Fitness Village in social media!


Developer: Fitness Village
Created: Fri, 24 Aug 2018
Updated: Wed, 31 Dec 1969
Rating: 4.4 (85)
Views: 22

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Fitness Village
2018-08-22T09:03:10+00:00 <![CDATA[Amazon Queen Video Game]]> Amazon Queen Video Game
Amazon Queen Video Game

The RTP of the game is 95%. The Video Game machine offers 37.5x jackpot, which means there are big chances to win money!

Amazon Queen Symbols

Though fairly standard, Amazon Queen is definitely one of the most entertaining casinos online nowadays. The following high-value symbols are as follows:

Durian fruit
Roaring tiger
Snake scrolled around a branch
Blue and parrot
Big-hitting gorilla

Developer: Slotstory
Created: Wed, 22 Aug 2018
Updated: Wed, 31 Dec 1969
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