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Madness Of Zombies
MasterKing ®


App Rating
( 4)
50 - 100
Current Version
Requires Android
4.0 and up

Content Rating
Mon Nov 2017
Fri Oct 2017

Support other devices. 

It’s basically your typical zombie apocalypse kind of thing where zombies have risen from the dead. These zombies have attacked everyone and have turned them into zombies as well. Now you’re a guy who’s scared out of his wits and wants to survive this zombie outbreak. Grab your guns, your grenades and cowboy hat and try to survive the days with zombies coming at you.

Madness of Zombies uses a nice blend of hand drawn cartoon graphics with 3D imagery. Despite it being looking simply like a 2D game with cartoon graphics, the background and the flow of the animations are really smooth and beautiful much like watching a 3D animated movie. The art style is also great and has a high quality look to it. It’s bright, vibrant and colorful. The audio is also good although there are only 2 of them. The one that plays in the menu which has that spooky tune and the other during the action which is has a nice rock beat to it.


Madness of Zombies is a survival game which progresses in days or the days are the actual levels. There would also be a level with a boss in the end. The gameplay is easy to do but the actual game has a little bit of challenge to it. You control your guy making him move from all directions. Your guy will be automatically firing on the zombies coming to him. It is your job to make him dodge those zombies but be careful as the zombies can come from all directions. You can also use a grenade to deal area damage but you have to aim it to the area where you’re going to throw it. You do have a limited amount of grenades per day so use them sparingly. When you kill a zombie, it will drop coins or money. You can use the money to buy weapons and items for your character. The guns can be purchased from the menu when you’re not in battle. Different weapons exist with different features like the shotgun having splash damage and the laser gun having high attack power. The players can also choose to upgrade their current guns if they don’t want to buy a new one. They can also buy headgears that have a variety of features. Just like the cowboy hat increases health and the football helmet increases defense. You can only wear one headgear at a time. You also level up at the course of the game. When leveling up it grants you one XP point. You can use these XP points to increases your character’s performance. One XP point can be used to increase your character’s speed, health, grenade numbers, money drop and the ability to magnetize money. If you die on a day, you simply restart from the beginning of that day and you wouldn’t lose the things like money and XP points that you gained on that day that you died.

Madness Of Zombies

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