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Speed Charger Fast Charging
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Requires Android
4.0.3 and up

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Wed Jan 2017
Mon Aug 2017

*Minor Bugs Fixes <br>

Speed Charger Fast Charging closes all your background process which consumes battery which helps in Fast charging. It opens up automatically when charger connected so that you can get a maximum speed of charging. user Don't need to open the app Manually which saves user time. The algorithm implemented in the app heals up the battery and enhance the fast charging time by 5x. It closes the WiFi,Bluetooth, GPS, Auto sync in your mobile which results in a best charging speed. The icon Iocated at the top right corner shows that the charger is plugged or not. Our app also contains a help button to guide you how to use our app. So give a try and experience a lightning speed of charging.

Steps to follow for fast charger :
1. Click The Boosting key
2. The app will Close your hidden Background processes which consume battery.
3. The Fast Charger Start Working now.
4. For better result Don't close app(You can go background).
5. Fast Charging started successfully.

Fast charging is a algorithm used for increase charging speed by 5x times than original. Every user want fast charger as all mobiles battery drains in short time and create problem for user. Our highly dedicated team developed an app which helps fast charging. The main purpose for introducing fast charger app is the shortage of battery performance. Our fast charger app will definitely helps all those user who are facing this problem. Fast charger is essential for every user.

It is the best app for fast charging. Nowaday there is more need of fast charging as users are using mobile continuously. Fast Charging is not an easy task i worked on it for a long time and developed the best fast charger app. I also try to make this fast charger some speedy. The main feature of this fast charger app is that it open automatically when charger connected. User don't need to open the fast charger app manually.This fast charger app works on a simple principle it increase the rate of transfer of ions while charging, it increase the rate of fast charging.
You can say that it is the Fast charger booster available in playstore. Many mobile companies are trying to provide a fast charger function inbuilt. So that user don't need to download any external app. But as per the user reviews Our fast charger app is the best fast charging app on the playstore. It is also FREE for lifetime. There is no need of pay a single penny for this fast charging app.

Our Fast charger app is also have an great User Interface(UI) usually called as graphics and the procedure to use it is also very easy described as follows:
When Charger connect this fast charger app always open automatically which saves user's time (for finding the app in menu and then open it).
Once the fast charger app is open you just need to click the ON button. The fast charger app will get started and it will create a better environment in the mobile for fast charging .
it will close all the unwanted background application, also it will close bluetooth, wifi, gps, and similar things to these which consumes a large battery. All this results in better fast charging.
This fast charger app also don't have any annoying ads. The placement of advertise is proper so that user cannot get annoyed of it. You can say that it the best fast charger app, best booster app for fast charging, battery booster app, best fast charger available in google play store.
The charging speed always matters for a user. If user will use mine application properly and regularly it definitely help him for fast charging. Fast charger app allows the user to gain all features of his smartphone, and use it for a long time. The best app for fast charging is here allowing users the great experience of fast charging
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Speed Charger Fast Charging

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