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Mappe - map, navigation, route



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Mon Apr 2017
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Planing to go somewhere? Go with a Map, just travel around the globe or look around the world with a touch of your finger. Finding your current location or searching for an address, all you need is Mappe : Maps, GPS Navigation,Directions, the ultimate tool you can have, it is using google map API for
most accurate results for all your navigation or finding directions.

Mappe : Maps, GPS Navigation, Directions is an app that allows you to travel the world with an ease knowing that you will always have exact GPS coordinates and you will never get lost at any unknown place.Doesn’t matter what transportation you use as our app includes Satellite and global map. Navigate with ease and always find your location with our app Mappe:Maps, GPS Navigation, Directions.

You want to find route or location near you. Mappe : Maps, GPS Navigation, Directions will help you step by step.You Just have to open Mappe. Our application will find your current location all by itself with the help of GPS and will show all locations and places near you. Just enter the location you are searching and Mappe : Maps, GPS Navigation, Directions will do rest of the work for you. It will show you the exact route with proper directions and time it will take to reach your destination.This application, a GPS route or direction finder is your personal application through which you can easily track your current location and can find your destination in no time.

Mappe :Maps, GPS Navigation, Directions is a completely FREE app with a very easy and simple interface, it clearly shows your current location and a very simple and easy way gets your destination location. You can get route and directions and find places with this application. Must check the network is connected before you use this route/direction finding app in your mobile phone.


• Find easiest route for your destination with estimated time.
• Get accurate route/direction for wherever you want to go.
• Best GPS navigation, map, route/direction finder app for android.
• Clear GPS position markers.
• Simple interface/graphics.
• Supports different maps types: Normal map, Satellite map, Terrain maps.
• You can get very accurate result by using this map, GPS Tracker and route finder app.
• So simple and easy to use.
• Its completely FREE.
• Less ads interruptions.
• Minimum size application.

This is the best solution to your travel problems. It's your personal map, GPS navigation and route finder app where you can Search and track any place in world. Mappe:Maps, GPS Navigation, Directions allows users to navigate to there destinations via directions with calculated time.

Try it Out ! Lets you plan your trips without any fear of getting lost somewhere, get the most reliable navigator, map, direction finder.

Important Note:
This application need internet connection to work when loading map, if internet connection is slow you may face slow map loading, So please check your internet connection.

Location detection is only a requirement of this app, other than this no information is saved or used in any case/situation.

Mappe - map, navigation, route

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