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W5Go Books and Reading
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Mon Nov 2017
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W5Go is an educational series of kids’ apps, with each one exploring a new topic through the 5 W’s: Who? What? When? Where? Why?

This W5Go Lesson is on Books and Reading.

Reading builds the foundation for a child’s success in school and later on as an adult, it nourishes imagination and provides essential lifelong skills. By reading girls and boys can begin to learn what we don’t know about our world.

W5Go – Lesson on Books and Reading provides an excellent platform to engage your child, and help them get accustomed to the fun in reading. Multiple interactive features make this app a great learning tool to play again and again. Explore the VR Library to find the magic book, and go to the Secret Reading Room to find out what kind of different books there are. Find out when reading is useful in our lives by watching the animations, and playing the games. Learn new English words, rhymes, and phrases while you play.

Audio voice overs make this app entertaining for kids who are learning to read themselves, and for those who haven’t learned to read yet.

Engaging gameplay through puzzles, rhymes, stories, games and AR/VR interactive scenes. Children learn English words, letters, expand their vocabulary and knowledge.

Learn the value of Books and Reading, and enjoy a fun family bonding activity together by playing through the app with your child, or let them learn independently with the support of W5Go.

Ads Free Apps / No Internet or WiFi Needed:

Our Apps are designed by keeping the Children and their Parents in mind, thus the Apps are Ads Free. You won’t need any Internet/WiFi access after downloading and installing our apps, and this makes them playable almost anywhere.

About W5Go:

W5Go is designed to raise the digital consciousness of the populace starting with the very young. It introduces the child to Digital Techniques and Technology in beautiful computer Graphics, Animations and Augmented Reality in a fun and entertaining way. It is also a good interactive way for the child to learn English words and expressions while playing the W5Go apps and games. The W5Go Apps and Games are the teacher, the Child simply learns by osmosis

Contact Us:

If you want to help us bring more in fun and interactivity into our app, please write to us with your ideas or suggestions at info@w5go.com.

Visit our Website at www.w5go.com.

Read our Latest Blog at https://w5go.wordpress.com.

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W5Go Books and Reading

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