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Digger Kid


App Rating
( 4)
100 - 500
Current Version
Requires Android
4.1 and up

Content Rating
Thu Sep 2017
Wed Sep 2017

A very funny 8 bit retro game like those classic 80\'s arcade games... 

Digger Kid is a retro game for the 80's fan gamers. If you remember the arcade games of the legendary personal computers, now you can play this classic 8 bit style game without the need for an emulator.

Help this boy in this strange fantasy world to get the lost diamonds and the gold that are scattered across the rooms of this gigantic game.

The map is composed of caverns with many monsters or scorpions, lava, and many more dangers and traps such as plants, cactus or stalactites. If he emerges victorious from this adventure, he will become the new king.

With an easy game mechanics, because you just have to touch left, right and jump, you'll be involved in a difficult challenge, as you will have to calculate each jump to reach each and every one of the keys to be able to finish the game. If you like the old, pixelated and popular games of the 80's with chiptune music, and you love the arcades of the legendary personal computers of those years, you are in front of it that is possibly one of the best games developed for that purpose.

Try to be the best miner. And remember, collect all the jewels because you're going to have hours and hours of fun.

Digger Kid

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