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Slam Dunk Real Basketball - 3D
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Tue Mar 2017
Tue Feb 2017

Slam Dunk Real Basketball - 3D 
Version 1.9
- Cross 100000 Downloads.
- Bug Fixes and Reduced Advertisements.
- Add Interesting achievements.
- Would not ask for personal information.
- UI improvements.
- Improved Graphics.

*** 1,00,000 Downloads on Android. ***

Up for a realistic and challenging urban basketball game? Well 3D Basketball Slam Dunk is one of the free basketball games for download and enjoyment.

##One of the best basketball shooting games##

Fresh, with great graphics, movements, and resemblance of a basketball shooting game will offer you amazing fun and is a game that the basketball fans would adore. If you loved slam dunk games, you will also enjoy playing this addictively entertaining game!

##Ambient of a real basketball court game##

This 3D game gives you an ambient of a real basketball court. With the street basketball games like this one, you will forget that you are playing this amazing game through a smartphone. We created real basketball effects through tons of unique 3D effects.

##Insanely enjoyable##

We want to develop one of the best free basketball games with unique graphics and gameplay. Something that will make this real basketball shooting game to return and enjoy it whenever you are free! This game is indeed insanely enjoyable!

##Pick the right angle and power and score##

Like in real basketball Slam Dunk, you need to pick the right angle and power of the shot. The score must always be your motivation. All through the game, you can view the scoreboard. Take it as a motivation and don’t fall under the pressure.

##Three Basketball Game Modes##

Arcade Mode: Touch anywhere on the screen and drag the ball towards the basket to throw the ball. The basketball game ends when all balls are spent. You get one ball when you score a goal. Drag the ball in the right direction and let it pass through the basket to score a goal.

Arcade Bonuses:

• One clear goal- Bonus ball

• Three clear goals in a row- Big basket

• 5 goals in a row (after a specific level)- Extended Aim

• Floor bounced goal

• High altitude goal

Time Mode: You can also play a timed game wherein you need to earn a specific number of goals within a specific time. Each goal will give you additional time to play the game. Once time is out, the game ends.

Time Mode Bonuses:

• Three clear goals in a row- Big basket

• 5 goals in a row- Extended Aim

• Floor bounced goal

• High altitude goal

Distance Mode: Achieving the goal is same as you would do in other modes. After each goal, you will go to the next distance. The greater the distance, the higher will be your score.

Distance Mode Bonuses:

• +1m - Simple goal

• +2m - Clear goal

• +2m - Floor bounced goal

• +2m - High altitude goal

• +4m- Clear + (bounced or high altitude)

##Can Become Challenging! ##
All these modes and challenges can become really difficult at one point. Then you must show real skills to tackle with the tough moments.

Try Slam Dunk Basketball 3D Game, you won’t regret it!

Slam Dunk Real Basketball - 3D

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