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Charger Safety AntiTheft Alarm
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Requires Android
4.0.3 and up

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Mon May 2017
Wed May 2017

"Charger Safety" will protect your device from stealing, when it is connected to public charging points.

This app will notify you if someone tries to steal your device. If the theft alarm is enabled, when the device is disconnected from USB or AC charge cable, it will set alarm on.

To enable the anti-theft alarm you have to set a password. The alarm can be stopped using the password you set at first.

The use case of the app is very simple. Suppose you are charging your device battery outside your home in a public charging point. You are sitting near, but reading paper or book. In this condition anyone can steal your device. If "Charger Safety" app is installed in your device and the anti-theft alarm is enabled, it will fire an alarm sound immediately when the device is disconnected from charging cable. Therefore, this anti-theft alarm app will provide a good security for you device from stealing.

Important note:
- If you use any task killer app, please add this app to ignore list. Otherwise the app may not work properly.
- You should depend on this app only if your are near your device. Otherwise it may not help because the thief can switch off the device or set the volume down.

1. Set alarm to get notify if anyone tries to steal your device.
2. Choose alarm tone from your device or leave it to default sound.
3. When the alarm is fired, the app will set volume to maximum even if it was in silent mode.

* Please email suggestions and bugs.
* The application is translated in total 18 languages. The supported language are...
English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese,
Greek, Czech, Bulgarian, Hindi, Indonesian, Gujarati, Kannada, Danish and Thai.
* Please email me if any translation is wrong and if possible correct me.
* For Bangla version please go here.

Charger Safety AntiTheft Alarm

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