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5x Ultra Fast Battery Charger
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100 - 500
Current Version
Requires Android
4.0.3 and up

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Mon Sep 2017
Mon Sep 2017

5x Ultra Fast Battery Charger is a FREE battery saving app that helps extend your phone battery life.
It is an application that provides a great support to your Phone with complete battery information and it helps to charge the battery faster than normal.
5x Ultra Fast Battery Charger not only improves the speed of charging but also enhance your battery life.
It scans all services that are consuming phone battery including Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, Mobile data etc.Stop Apps from wasting battery life and causing the device to overheat.
With in few mins you able to see your battery percentage difference when you charge your smart phone.

5x Ultra Fast Battery Charger, you can easily activate or deactivate Wi-fi network, Bluetooth, Brightness, Rotation, Sound, and Timeout.
-It speeds up the charging process as well as improves the battery efficiency.
-It monitors your phone’s temperature in real time and analyzes which apps are causing the overheating.
-Detailed battery information will be displayed on the main screen of the app.
-Kills unnecessary tasks with extremely simple one-tap Optimize button to save more.
-It will be automatically activated when you connect your Charging and it will boost your charging speed.
-It also has features that can monitor and regulate power consumption.
-This app will help to increase battery life and have better battery performance.
-You will see a big difference between charging your phone with and without 5x Ultra Fast Battery Charger


5x Ultra Fast Battery Charger

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