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Brain Twister - Smart and Logical Skill Puzzles
Rolling Panda Arts


App Rating
( 5)
50 - 100
Current Version
Requires Android
4.0 and up

Content Rating
Mon Feb 2018
Mon Dec 2017

Bug fixing. Performance enhancement. 

Brain Twister - Smart and Logical Skill Puzzles is an addictive IQ game to test your brain how much twists it can take up. It’s a series of tricky brain twister puzzles that you will never ever think of.

So if you are looking for a game that is brilliant, creative and strange at the same time, Brainz is for you.

Become a skills puzzle mastermind solving the most unusual questions. This game is for all ages and we believe that everyone will love this. It has everything right from identifying colors, mathematical puzzles, observing puzzles, concentration puzzles, visual logics and much more you ask for. It’s a mind puzzle game for a complete mind training.

Sharpen your brain with these logical puzzles and test your reflexes. With each level completion you earn brains and you can use these brain points. After each level you are ranked with 1 to 5 stars and you will be rewarded with Brain points. If you lost in between levels, use your Brain points to continue from the current round.

Brainz app highlights
-Anticipate and respond quickly
-Practice concentration and mental processing speed
-Divide your attention and respond quickly
-Memorize a group or sequence of objects
-Practice your basic mathematical skills
-Test your verbal and non-verbal skills
-Exercise your brain with speed trivial puzzles
-Prove your touch and thinking ability
-Train your reflexes

Brain Twister - Smart and Logical Skill Puzzles Game Features
-50 Levels and all different
-150+ Questions and Puzzles
-Mind Twister and head scratching puzzles
-Peaceful background music to keep you relaxed
-More levels to be added soon

Brainz is intended to be a brain training app with fun and entertainment. Let’s see how may puzzles can you solve with 5 stars. Put your creative thinking to the limit.

Brain Twister - Smart and Logical Skill Puzzles

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