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GOD OF MAGIC - Decision maker chat text adventure
Role Playing
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App Rating
( 574)
50,000 - 100,000
Current Version
Requires Android
4.2 and up

Content Rating
Thu Jul 2017
Tue Jul 2017

✓ Double your hourly rewards! <br>✓ Dexterity skill is now easier! <br>✓ NEW - Profile view with character summary! <br>The story of Voltar continues soon! Prepare for Wizard Wars! <br>

✓ Choose your path in this text adventure!
✓ Play minigames, improve skills of the gamebook!
✓ YOU are the decision maker as a GOD of this interactive fantasy!

GOD OF MAGIC is an interactive fantasy chat app and text adventure, where YOU are the decision maker of the stories. Roleplay games, chat, play minigames and finish the stories of the gamebook as a GOD of this fantasy world! Choose your own adventure. Keep chatting with a young wizard trapped on a mystery island, make decision after decision through the chat app akinator, make sure they are good ones! Storyfire, hooked, snakt, hear me out sarahah. Be part of an interactive fiction like never before!

Don’t miss out on the most unique fantasy sorcery gamebook, a new kind of roleplay chat!

Download now!

✓ Not satisfied with your decision? Choose your own adventure. Jump back to a previous location and condinue the chat story from there!
✓ Interactive fiction, chat, sorcery, akinator & roleplay games!
✓ 1 gamebook, 4 minigames, 1 main chat story, 3 extra chat stories and more to come!
✓ Use the interactive map of the fantasy world to see your progress!
✓ Ride a phoenix! Or you want to battle the phoenix? It’s your decision, you are the reader in this old school text adventure, interactive fiction. Last day on earth, sarahah akinator.

Download it now!

These fantasy chat stories are full of exploration and danger, so as decision maker, you are responsible for the results. Choose your path carefully! As one of the best roleplay games, sorcery text adventure gamebook storyfire, GOD OF MAGIC is full of chatting and funny, exciting stories that are set in a colorful fantasy world. Roleplay chat as a GOD! Choose your own adventure, hooked, snakt, hear me out, sarahah. Akinator, drop wizard tower, last day on earth. Are you good or are you evil?

A chronicle told by roleplay chat. Shape the story, choose your path via chatting, play the most unique interactive fiction! Discover the secrets and history, sorcery of this rich fantasy world, storyfire, chat with and guide other characters!

As decision maker, the fate of a whole world is in YOUR hands!

Can you chat your way through to saving the world of the text adventure? But this chatting game is so much more, and you need more skills than chatting. You have to overcome obstacles, defeat enemies, solve riddles by playing minigames and upgrading skills like Lock picking, Spell casting, Dexterity and Logic, akinator, drop wizard tower, hear me out. Amazing roleplay experience! Can you protect the world? There are already 4 roleplay stories in this text adventure, and more are on the way!

Roleplay chat, discover the stories, secrets and easter eggs of the chat app!
Protect the wizard kid, his fate is in YOUR hands!
Every decision you make influences the chat stories. Last day on earth. How good a decision maker can you be? Hidden treasures, storyfire or certain death? Choose your own adventure.
Ready to play this text adventure chatting game? Wander on the island by chatting and choosing locations, discovering paths of the stories.
Continue the chat story on different branches! Last day on earth, hear me out, drop wizard tower. You are more than a reader, you are a decision maker and a god, who is casting fireballs, exploring dungeons, taming dragons, riding phoenixes, sorcery shaping the chat app story, hooked, snakt, sarahah.
Roleplay chat stories have never been this fun before!

A chat app to play together, the best chat stories, storyfire, roleplay games for kids!

GOD OF MAGIC - Decision maker chat text adventure

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