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Burger Maker: Cooking Stand
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Sun Apr 2017
Mon Apr 2017

Burger Maker! Hey Kids, You back to home from school and feeling hungry now? Would you like to have something in lunch and want to serve some thing to your friends and family and to do some part time work and If you have fever of doing something. I guess you are at the right place then. Here you will have the opportunity to start up brand new food chain and setup your streetfood shop. If you really want be food stand tycoon, We would suggest to set up a kitchen specifically Hamburger maker in you own city and area. You can start all these cooking with the ingredients available at your home and setup your restaurant right outside your place.

To cook, crispy and Cheese Hamburgers, all you should have is Fine quality patties, Onions, tomato, Black pepper meat, vegetables and many more things. Sitting area for your friends and customer should be cleaned and hygienic. Make sure that the crockery you use and fixtures you use at your restaurant should be crystal clean and environment should be awesome so that customers can relax and feel comfortable at their lunch hours and they prefer our burger stand for their every next meal. Along with the dining you may offer take away and home delivery tycoon options which will increase your burger sales. Most important is your kitchen area where the food will be cooking. You as a head chef will be responsible to manage and supervise all to be successful in your part time workings.

Kids! You can also offer desserts with every meal and make a bulk purchase deals and offer discount as well to attract the visitors at your restaurant and will encourage you to become tycoon in the cuisine maker industry. Offering at your stand should not be limited to one variety. Need to propose various types of burgers along customized taste as per requirement. As it is lunch time, you have to offer extra rich food at you stand. Foodies will love and want variety in their every day meal. You may one of the best cook or you can hire best chef in town for you streetfood kitchen.

This is not only game, it is real time experience for each player and will surely help young mates to learn how to do restaurant business and will get to know how to serve the customers with good quality services. You may also hire your school friends and kids around you for your help.

Cooking is fever and was never an easy task before. Best Burger maker stand game is one of the best play in town. This game play is specially designed for food lovers. You will find attractive Graphics and smooth attributes. School Kids will learn to cook and will get to know stylish kitchen management. Chef will use customize ingredients for each serving as per the need.

To all our young fellows, you have only once chance to prove your skills and show other team mates, friends and family members that you can cook and serve better than all. You can prepare delicious meals for your loved one and four own.

Burger Maker: Cooking Stand

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