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Paper Toss Time Pass Game
Potenza Global Solutions


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Sun Mar 2017
Tue Jan 2015

Passing time in a fun way can be interesting and is looked forward to by many individuals. Potenza Global Solutions has invented this creative game for spending time whilst having entertainment. Timepass is a paper ball game designed for entertainment. This timepass game lets you pass your time by throwing or tossing a paper ball into a bin. To play this paper toss game, all you need to do is throw a paper ball into the direction of a bin so that it falls directly in the bin. The levels of this paper toss game vary due to the ambience offered in each stage.

Following are the different levels of this paper ball game.

Easy Level: This game level provides you with a workplace ambience. The speed of the fan is the chief impediment which can prevent the paper ball from falling into the bin. In this level, the distance between the paper ball and the bin is close. This makes it easy for you to toss the paper ball and earn high scores. The more the number of times you toss the paper ball into the bin, the higher will be your score.

Medium Level: At this game level, you are given ambience of living area of a home. Here there will be an increase in the speed of the fan and also the distance between the bin and the ball is more than that of the easy level. Once you have crossed the easy level of this free game, this level will test your patience.

Hard Level: At this level of this timepass game, the speed of the table fan increases a lot. It needs real expertise to dump the ball into the bin.

It is an ultimate entertainment game which lets you focus and sharpens your concentration skills.

Play our game "TimePass " which amuse you to the fullest and motivates you to rank high and high .

Paper Toss Time Pass Game

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