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Smash Fly: Super-Fast Tap Tap & Fly Smasher Game


App Rating
( 15)
500 - 1,000
Current Version
Requires Android
4.0 and up

Content Rating
Sun Sep 2017
Sun Oct 2017

Bug fixes. <br>

Smash the right fly, at the right time. That's all!

Do you hate frustratingly dull games? Do you want to get real satisfaction by smashing the fly and having fun at the same time? Then try Smash Fly! This ultra-fast super smash tap tap arcade game will bring you hours of pure tapper gameplay that requires great reaction and precision.

WARNING: We’re not going to lie! The game is extremely challenging, and can get frustrating in the harder levels – so be prepared! You need to master your smash fly tapping skills!


✅ Extremely Addictive Fly Smasher!
✅ Earn the highest score each level!
✅ Cool smash the fly gameplay!
✅ Clever quips from the one-and-only Fly!
✅ Frenzy Levels!
✅ Play more than 50 levels of fly smashing action, each increasingly more difficult!
✅ 3 types of boosts help you overcome difficulty! Red calms down rogue flies, blue destroys decoys, and green allows missing!
✅ Cool HD Graphics with an isometric touch!
✅ Exquisite Sound Effects and Music!


In this exciting tap the fly tapper arcade game there are 3 types of Boosts to help you out:

✅ Blue boosts get rid of all decoy flies for 5 seconds.
✅ Green boosts allow missing for 5 seconds.
✅ Red boosts prevent all flies from going rogue for 5 seconds.

Boosts can be used together at the same time, and work best when all 3 are used at once!


Throughout your progress you’ll find Frenzy Levels, giving you an awesome alternate style of gameplay! This where you become a real fly smasher!

The object during Frenzy is simply to catch the maximum amount of flies in the time given! However, it's impossible to lose a frenzy level, even if no flies were caught. You just need to show great tap tap reaction skills.


- Based on classic tap tap games gameplay, Smash Fly requires you to tap the fly in time in order to win.

- Watch out! The fly doesn’t want to be caught, and moves constantly to evade you. If you miss you lose a life and you have 3 lives.

- To make things even more challenging, the super smash hit game involves blue Decoy flies which are there to distract and confuse you!

- Catch the fly quickly for the highest scores!

- Win a level quickly, with all your lives, for a PERFECT SCORE!

- Be sure to see what the fly has to say if you lose!

Important: every fly can also go Rogue temporarily, when it goes red. If a Rogue fly is hit, you lose that level completely!


Start the smashing hit, get addicted, and enjoy some tap fun now!

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Smash Fly asks for READ/WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE permissions for sharing wins and losses with screenshot. Only required if you intend to share.


Smash Fly: Super-Fast Tap Tap & Fly Smasher Game

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