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Clover Quiz
Don Naipe


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Fri Mar 2017
Sat Sep 2017

We launch the game! <br>- Clearing expired matches <br>- Fixing bugs <br>

Do you like trivia games? Be ready to enjoy Clover Quiz, the multiplayer question and answer game based on the Wikipedia.

You still have not played Clover Quiz? We give you some convincing arguments to try it:

◉ Hundreds of thousands of questions (and very funny!)
Clover Quiz includes hundreds of thousands of questions classified in 7 different categories: Animals, Arts, Cinema, Geography, Books, Music and Technology. The questions have been generated from the Wikipedia (check how below)

◉ Online matches with your friends and other players
Play online matches with your friends and with other players in all the world. Get all the wedges in the board and beat your opponent in a duel to win a match

◉ Individual thematic challenges
Besides online matches, you can play individual challenges for each category. There are 21 difficulty levels in each category: are you able to unlock them all?

◉ Complete statistics
Check your online victories (and defeats); right and wrong question answers for every field and topic; and the achieved challenges. Check the stats of your opponents and choose the most suitable questions to beat them in a duel

◉ 4 different leaderboards
Demonstrate your friends who is the best in the "Cloverquizmeter". Compete in the remaining leaderboards: "Online victories", "Challenges", and "Clovers"

◉ 56 different achievements
Are you able to get them all?

You have in your hands a very special game, the outcome of a research in the Semantic Web field (sometimes called Web 3.0). In the inception stage of Clover Quiz, I was wandering if it would be possible to automatically generate multiple choice questions out of the Wikipedia (actually the Dbpedia, the semantic version of the Wikipedia) and if they would be good for a quiz game. My first tests were promising, so I began to put more energies in this project.

Looking back, it has been a long and tough process. The project complexity has been much bigger than I expected, although I believe that the outcome is worthy. There is a lot of effort and carefulness invested in Clover Quiz. I really hope that you enjoy this game as much as I have enjoyed its creation.


Contact us at producciones.don.naipe@gmail.com and give as your feedback and request help in case of problems.

Many thanks for your support!

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Clover Quiz

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