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Free Radio Lounge
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Thu Apr 2017
Sat Apr 2017

"Free Radio Lounge" is our brand new radio application devoted to fans of lounge and ambient music.

With more than 30 radio stations added, this app will bring live music from online radio stations directly at your device through your internet connection, with no need for FM or AM radio access! You can even tune in to stations that stream from abroad! The options you have are many, since you can choose to tune in to any of the included stations.

The user interface makes all things simple - all the user needs to do is choose among the stations added and tap Play. Music will play and media information display, such as song title and artist will show at the bottom if the stream includes it. This allows fast song identification which helps in recognizing previously unknown songs!

Lounge music is renowned for the calming effect it has to people and can help remove stress from your life. With most of the songs playing being instrumentals, this is a genre which will prove beneficial for everyday listening. Just try it out when you feel in fatigue, stressed and with low self esteem.

Our advanced streaming techniques make the app load music fast regardless of the internet connection speed or the distance of the station transmitter - after all, no FM airwaves are used, only internet access through 3G/4G networks or, even better, WIFI access. This eliminates any hassle occurring when you get static or low audio quality from radio.

"Free Radio Lounge" is, as the name indicates, totally free!

Do not hesitate to drop us a line if there is some error with the stations or if you have comments and criticism - just send us a message and we will work on it!

Free Radio Lounge

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