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The FiredUp Project


App Rating
( 7)
10 - 50
Current Version
Requires Android
4.0 and up

Content Rating
Wed Feb 2018
Fri Feb 2018

The first publishable version of 'FiredUp.' 

If you are a lover of logic games or all kinds of puzzles and charades, this is a game especially for you!
You've probably just found one of the most difficult logic games ever to play.
Although its rules are child's play, try to win at least once in 10 games played or twice over 50 games played.
If you succeed, it will mean that you have an above-average ability to solve puzzles, but if your winning ratio is over 20%, then you are a GENIUS!
Fun is guaranteed as this brilliant game makes you think out of the box and allows to admire the graphics of soothing flames of matches at the same time.
FiredUp is a challenge that you have to face to see if you have a brilliant mind.
Share Your scoring with friends to see whose winning ratio is the closest to 1!

How to Play?
The AI of your Android device is your opponent.
You strike matches in turns.
You can strike as many matches in one move as you want. But they must be in the same row (they count as a single row even if separated by empty fields).
Whoever strikes the last match, loses.

Have Fun!


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