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Best Brokers: Crypto Edition

Daniel Fontes

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Best Brokers: Crypto Edition simulates instant trading with cryptocurrencies. Best Brokers: Crypto Edition is a cryptocurrency exchange simulation for beginners and pros. Beginners can get in touch with the world of cryptocurrencies by trying their luck and reading about cryptos, whereas pros can test multiple trading strategies to maximize their profits. This all is based on an all new instant trading engine which means that you can now trade your favorite cryptos without waiting and minimal fee. COINS: At the moment you can instantly trade over 20 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and XRP. New to the crypto scene? Our coin information has you covered. REALISTIC TRADING - INSTANTLY: Our simulation constantly monitors over 100 cryptocurrency exchanges and merges the orderbooks in real time. Therefore the prices and offers you receive are perfectly accurate and always updated live. The best thing about our trading engine: Trade instantly - no waiting, no orders. Just trade. MULTIPLE PORTFOLIOS: Want to try multiple trading strategies in parallel? You can create up to ten portfolios for free and trade without limitations. Each portfolio can have its own fee settings allowing you to simulate trading at your favorite exchange. TRADE SCORE: Want to know how you are doing? Our system tracks your actions and rates them visibly to your on your portfolio page. So even if the market crashes you will be rewarded for good decisions! LEADERBOARD: Give your best and compare yourself to other users. In order to make things interesting, inactive users will be banned and the ranking is based on tradescore, so skill is rewarded over luck.


Tue Jan 2019
Daniel Fontes
Current Version
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Tue Apr 2019
Best Brokers: Crypto Edition

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