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My Aviary

David Grandy

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Take a break from your busy day to grow and explore beautiful island bird sanctuaries in this calming idle clicker game. With simple controls My Aviary lets you relieve stress as you watch your sanctuary grow. When you want to take a break the game will continue while you are away. Grow, explore, share, and relax - Download My Aviary. How to play My Aviary: Tap To Grow: • Tap the screen to gain vitality. • Use vitality to help your tree grow and expand. • Fill the scene with plant life. • Invite birds to fly and live in your sanctuary. Explore and Expand: • Unlock three beautiful island sanctuaries. • Watch as the unique tree at each scene's center grows and thrives. • Discover over 70 species of birds. Relax and Enjoy: • Listen to gentle music and calming bird sounds as your sanctuaries expand. • Take in the beautiful visuals from all angles with multiple camera controls. • Unleash life-giving rainfalls to help spread new life. • Share screenshots of your creations with friends. In App Purchases are available allowing you to buy special Golden Eggs that can be used to upgrade many abilities; Golden Eggs can also be earned through regular gameplay. Special bird packages are also available to purchase. * Make sure to sign in to Game Center and save your data to iCloud. This will ensure that you don't lose any progress if you delete the game or switch to a new device. * Please rate and review My Aviary. Every bit of feedback helps to make the game better. * Please report any bugs you find or send any feedback you have using the Support button in the game's settings menu. This app requires permission to write data to your device for screenshots and to check for internet connections for all online functions.


Sat Mar 2019
David Grandy
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Tue Mar 2019
My Aviary

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