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4 Words Game

Raffaele Amuso

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4 Words Game is a funny guess the word (or 4 pics 1 word) style game. The goal of this words quiz game is to arrange the letters to find a mysterious word. To guess the mysterious word you have up to 4 words related with the hidden word (instead of 4 pics). This app tests your knowledge at solving words puzzles, if you get stuck on a level you can try to use an hint. There are some different kinds hints you can use to pass a level: - Add a related word (up to 4 words); - Add a correct initial letter (up to 3 letters); - Delete an incorrect letter (up to 3 letters); - Show the length of the hidden word. To use an hint you need some coins, but do not run out of coins if you want to solve all the levels. You earn coins every time you solve a level. In the game there are a lot of levels across the Italian words and English words scenes so, with this app you can also learn new languages. The game is also useful to test (and trainer) your SAT and GRE skill level. At starting levels some hints are already displayed but when you advance in the game hints are gradually hidden. The app also have world leaderboards and additional achievements to make the gameplay more interesting. You have only 1 word to guess, test your skill and Have fun! Game walkthrough here: http://pentawire.altervista.org/?section=14&pageID=5 Note: Uninstalling the application involves the loss of all progress.


Tue Jun 2018
Raffaele Amuso
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Tue Jun 2018
4 Words Game

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